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Dongguan Chengda Rubber&Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a service-oriented enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales and related technical support of rubber and silicone products. Mainly engaged in various types of pumps, valves and industrial products supporting rubber, silica gel spare parts, the main products are various types of diaphragms, cloth diaphragms, leather bowls, sealing gaskets/rings, various lipshaped seals and other high-demand dynamic sealing accessories, products involving electrical parts, electronic parts, mobile phone parts, automobile parts, medical supplies, kitchen appliances and children's products, and other industries.

We have a strong R&D team, can quickly develop and design high-quality molds, material formulations, samples for customers; we have advanced equipment and skilled workers, can produce products with high quality and quantity in the shortest time, we carry out the whole quality control plan from raw materials to process, and then to finished products shipment.